Laura Bayliss

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The Art

“I paint with light and I light paint”

Laura’s most recent work Lumière Chevauchement is being exhibited in Paris this year. The piece celebrates some of the many qualities of what makes up the magic and brilliance of light. The piece demonstrates: glow, sparkle, shimmer, sheen, refraction, reflection, luminosity, projection, translucency and shadow amongst others.

The geometric forms created seem to jump forward only to be held back by another line, rectangle or dribble of paint. No one form sits on top of whole surface but they are all held in balance. Pushing the parameters of the two-dimensional surface forward and backward to draw the viewer’s eye in and out to create three-dimensional fields.

Laura conceals all luminaires in the work so viewers can focus on light, not light fittings.

6TH MARCH - 30TH MAY 2015 Èlèphant Paname, PARIS

All images © Laura Bayliss

The Artist

Laura Bayliss makes light art installations and paintings that explore the many characteristics of artificial and natural light. Laura began using light as an artistic medium in 1999.

Laura graduated with a First Class Honours in Fine Art Painting, although, instead of paint she used light as her medium to create three-dimensional interactive installations that encompass the viewer.

Laura has over ten years professional lighting design experience, working for and becoming the youngest ever Director at BDP. Laura has always used her artistic background to inform her lighting design to make lighting schemes that are aesthetically stunning with conceptual integrity.

Laura has won the ACE/NCE Young Consultant of the Year, Atkins Inspire Award in Architecture, New Achiever at BSJ Awards, Lighting Industry Federation David Currie Award and SLL Young Lighter of the Year.

Laura left BDP, due to long term illness, but this has lead her to create light art again. Laura combines her two passions for ‘light’ and ‘paint’ in this unique way.

Laura uses her experience as an artist as well her professional experience gained from working in the lighting industry to inform her artwork.